Be a Mentor for Girls Write Now


We love Girls Write Now, a community of professional women writers and media makers on a mission: for 18 years, their award-winning programs have provided creative and academic guidance, support, and opportunities for young writers in New York City.

And the program is looking for its 2017-18 mentors! Mentees and mentors become writing partners, collaborators, and lifelong friends. A typical pair session can involve building on a work in progress, fine-tuning application essays for a college-bound senior, editing each other’s poems, or taking a field trip to places designed to inspire, like museums, movies, or a new neighborhood.

Girls Write Now has two mentoring programs that empower mentees and mentors to grow in their craft as storytellers: the Writing & Mentoring Program and the Digital Media Mentoring Program. Take a look at both, and if you’re in New York and available, please apply! This is life-changing experience and a way give back to our community and equip the next generation of writers with tools they’ll need to change the world. Applications are due June 1.