This Week in Indie Bookstores


Are great bookstores just good capitalism?

People are more concerned with being fat than with eating disorders, if we go by the number of books in each respective section at one blogger’s local bookstore.

A Tennessee bookstore will include a restaurant inside of it.

Vogue published an out-of-towner’s guide to New York City bookstores, but overlooked mainstays of the literary community like Greenlight, Housing Works, Powerhouse, Community Bookstore, WORD, and BookCulture, as well as speciality shops like Albertine, Berl’s Poetry Shop, Archestratus, and more.

A Houston, Texas bookstore hosts a Drag Queen Story Hour.

A Las Vegas bookstore owner has collected more than 160,000 cookbooks, which seems like a lot until you consider that celebrity television host Jaime Oliver has written thirty cookbooks, eight more than Gordon Ramsay, who is an actual chef.

One Harvard Business School graduate is combating the high rents in San Francisco by stocking fewer books: the minimalist bookstore has just 250 titles.

A new bookstore in Chehalis, Washington is opening on the site of a formal brothel.

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