This Week in Indie Bookstores


Fans waiting on line at a Hillary Clinton book signing received a special treat when Clinton sent them pizzas from Joe’s, a local pizzeria. Also, New York City pizza is far superior to Chicago pizza, Lyz Lenz.

Pharma-finance super villain Martin Shkreli is going to jail after offering people money to steal Clinton’s hair while she attends book tour events.

At these the best bookstores in the world?

A bookstore in Oklahoma City was set ablaze in order to cover up a murder.

A Los Angeles bookstore is giving a new meaning to #Vanlife: a little blue van is set to hit the streets selling books.

Indie bookstores are thriving by making money in many diverse ways, including selling alcohol and overnight sleepovers.

Chinese bookstores are looking to reinvent the for-profit library system as a way of earning money from borrowed books.

Check out Canada’s only feminist bookstore, Montreal’s L’Euguélionne, which houses over 4,000 titles.

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