Spotlight: “Perfect Sisters” by Joyanna M and Lily Bell


“Perfect Sisters” is a graphic narrative loosely depicting Lily Bell’s experiences in suburban Massachusetts, and with domestic violence. It touches on how a traditional family can fail the victim of domestic violence, and how that failure can compound the victim’s trauma. The story was written by Lily Bell, who also conceived the characters. Joyanna M did the final illustrations.


Joyanna M resides in Seattle and creates fiction, poetry, art, and music. Her Self Portrait painting was selected as cover art for Wicked Banshee Press, The Devil's Doorbell: Vagina Edition. Other works have been chosen for Moonchild Magazine, Bombus Press, and Five:2:One. She produces music under the moniker Aquamarine Space Unicorns. You can follow her on Twitter at @joyanna1985. Lily Bell resides in Seattle and is a singer/songwriter and poet. She sings for Aquamarine Space Unicorns. Her works have been featured in Moonchild Magazine and Rag Queen Periodical. You can follow her on Twitter at @Lily_Bell82. More from this author →