Next Letter for Kids: Tracey Baptiste


We’re sending our next Letter for Kids from Tracey Baptiste! Tracey writes to us about growing up in Trinidad (the setting for some her own stories!) and shares hand-drawn doodles of vampires and zombies.

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Tracey Baptiste is the author of several children’s books, most notably the acclaimed Jumbies Series (The Jumbies, 2015 and Rise of the Jumbies, 2017). Ms. Baptiste’s other children’s books include Angel’s Grace and The Totally Gross History of Ancient Egypt. She is also a contributor to the adult horror anthology Sycorax’s Daughters. Ms. Baptiste volunteers with We Need Diverse Books, The Brown Bookshelf, and I, Too Arts Collective. She also teaches in Lesley University’s Creative Writing MFA program. Find her on Twitter at @traceybaptiste, and on Instagram and Facebook at @TraceyBaptisteWrites.