Next Letter for Kids: Shari L. Schwarz


We’re sending our next Letter for Kids from Shari L. Schwarz! Shari writes to us about the time her dad tricked her during a vacation in Colorado.

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Shari L. Schwarz is the author of Treasure at Lure Lake, a middle grade survival adventure novel that came out April 12, 2016. Shari is a mom of four boys—three teenagers and one kindergartener (yes, they are alike in many ways!) who keep her busy with their music and sport events. She’s a simple person (her husband would totally disagree!) and a homebody, but she does love long chats with friends over a latte, dreaming of going to the beach, and writing adventure stories for children. If she’s not writing, she’s probably reading or working on an editing project. In the quiet spaces of life, she might find time for her other favorites: gardening, weight-lifting, hiking, and a bit of photography. She has degrees in Cross-Cultural Studies and Elementary Education with an emphasis in Literacy. Most recently, she worked as an elementary school librarian before her little guy came on the scene. Now, she stays home with him and writes.