Next Letter in the Mail: Mary-Kim Arnold


We’re getting ready to send our next Letter in the Mail, and it’s from Mary-Kim Arnold! Mary-Kim sends a handwritten letter about travel, work, weddings, and the time robbers broke into her house and ate her blueberry pie.

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Mary-Kim Arnold’s Litany for the Long Moment (Essay Press, 2018), an experimental memoir about her adoption from Korea at the age of two, has been honored by the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association, featured in NPR’s Code Switch 2018 Book Guide, and as a Rumpus Book Club selection. Litany for the Long Moment was named by Entropy Magazine as one of the Best Nonfiction Books of 2018. Her poetry collection, The Fish & The Dove, is forthcoming from Noemi Press in 2020. Her work has appeared in Conjunctions, HyperallergicPoem-a-DayThe Georgia ReviewThe Rumpus, and Tupelo Quarterly. She lives in Rhode Island and teaches in the Nonfiction Writing Program at Brown University.