Spotlight: “Dating App Boys”


“Would you rather date someone nice and dumb or smart and mean?” Maggie’s friends ask her over a too-expensive brunch. Maggie grapples with this and other questions as she swipes through an ocean of dating app boys in New York City. When she tries to explain dating apps to her Midwestern mother, Maggie becomes even more confused.


Meg Richardson is from Iowa City, Iowa. She is pursuing an MFA in creative writing and translation at Columbia University, and teaches in Columbia’s undergraduate creative writing program. Her writing has appeared in The Rational Creature, Black Heart Magazine, Salt and Pepper Magazine, and elsewhere. Her translation from French to English of Marie Robert’s book, When You Kant Figure It Out, Ask a Philosopher was published with Little, Brown and Company in November of 2019. More of her work can be seen at More from this author →