Next Letter for Kids: Josh Trujillo and Nick Kennedy


Our next Letter for Kids comes from author/illustrator duo Josh Trujillo and Nick Kennedy! This vibrant letter is full of color and illustrations—Josh and Nick tell us about how they get their ideas, all their favorite foods, music, and more!

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Josh Trujillo is a writer, editor, and comic book creator based in San Rafael, California. He has worked with clients including Boom! Studios, Dark Horse Comics, Shanken Creative Group, Oni Press, Telltale Games, and DC Comics, among others. His work spans different genre and audiences, specializing in children’s fiction, fantasy, humor, history, romance, gaming, and LGBTQ issues. Trujillo speaks for inclusiveness and diversity in popular media, and works alongside groups including the USC ONE Archive and Prism Comics. Josh loves his dog, his country, and is of good moral fiber. You can remain updated on his work by following Josh on Twitter at @LostHisKeysMan.

Nick Kennedy grew up in Alabama, drawing all day long. When he got older, he moved to California. He kept drawing and painting and creating all kinds of art. He is home whenever there is a box of colors and an empty piece of paper.


Photograph of Josh Trujillo courtesy of Josh Trujillo. Photograph of Nick Kennedy courtesy of Nick Kennedy.