National Poetry Month Day 24: Kamden Hilliard







surely the solution shouldn’t be less anything less than

the very table setting of love, which makes possible the age

of weeping — ! what a necessary age — what a commitment

to the problem of others, of outtheres made inheres,

which banned queers, blacks, which, is why white people,
            as long as they stay white people,

won’t be getting any sense back. I J S! I’m not out here like

genocide, enslavement, ontological attack. If these here are sentence

parts what I will do is HACK HACK HACK





as long as I am possible, I will not work and if I do work I will not work

for love

chained to money

chained to my refraining

fiscal potentiality.


Photograph of Kamden Hilliard courtesy of Kamden Hilliard.

Kamden Ishmael Hilliard is a black, nonbinary settler from Hawai'i; they currently live in Cleveland, Ohio, where they are the Anisfield-Wolf Fellow in Publishing and Writing at the Cleveland State University Poetry Center. Kam holds a BA in American Studies from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa and an MFA in Poetry from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. They have received support from The National YoungArts Foundation, The Davidson Institute, Sarah Lawrence College, The UCROSS Foundation, Banff Centere, and Callaloo. Kam’s writing appears in West Branch, The Black Warrior Review, Tagvverk, Denver Quarterly, The Columbia Review, and other publications. Find ‘em on the internet at More from this author →