We Are More: Two Poems by Tina Ehsanipour





[insert revolution into childhood]

I whisper apologies 
to my own children 
as they sleep,
	I never meant to pass this on

Never meant for them to feel
the [fear of war]
the [pain of leaving] 
the [signs telling us to go back]

especially when I can’t remember any of them myself

but our bodies have a way of remembering 
trauma has a way 
of [physically altering our DNA]

They too will carry the pain 
of [leaving a home], 
even if their feet have never walked its back

No human attempt 
to erase [pain] is successful

all I can do is bang
with my fists
and watch them 
[bleed 	words].


A reclaiming in two parts

Immigrant                          When the ocean spits you out
To be immigrant                   away from home
means to be 	a whisper         you claim the chaos
between                           and learn to bloom		    again.


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Tina Ehsanipour is an Iranian-born, California-raised writer, high school Creative Writing teacher, and school librarian. Her work has appeared in Nowruz Journal, South Writ Large Magazine, In Short–The Podcast, as well as on stage with Golden Thread Productions. She has essays forthcoming in the anthology Nonwhite and Woman (Woodhall Press, Sept 2022). Tina lives with her husband and twins in the Bay Area. Connect with her at @TinaEhsanipour. More from this author →