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For over a decade, The Rumpus’ team has handpicked great new poetry titles to feature in our monthly Poetry Book Club. For our September 2023 – August 2024 selections (and possibly beyond!), we’ll focus on great new poetry collections AND hear from the indie publishers behind the books.

Our upcoming Poetry Book Club subscriber-only conversations will feature the Author + the Author’s Editor/Publisher + a Rumpus Editor offering insights into how the book came together, the writer’s inspirations and roadblocks, and a better understanding of how the collection connects with the Publisher’s list and mission.

The Rumpus supports risk-takers and a lot of that WORK is led by indie (often nonprofit) publishers. We want to better highlight their contributions to the literary community.

Subscribe by the 15th to receive next month’s book and join in the author conversation. For example, to receive our September book, subscribe by AUGUST 15. Previous & upcoming book club picks are listed below.

Programs like our Poetry Book Club put you in conversation with the literary community and help keep The Rumpus running. Thank you for your support and happy reading!

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Announcing our Fall 2023 Indie Press selections:

SEPTEMBER (subscribe by Aug. 15, 2023, books mailed in early Sept.):
The Kingdom of Surfaces by Sally Wen Mao
including a subscriber-only conversation with Sally Wen Mao, Graywolf Press Executive Editor and Director of Poetry, Jeff Shotts + Rumpus Editor

OCTOBER (subscribe by Sept. 15, books mailed in early Oct.):
Another Last Call: Poems on Addiction & Deliverance
edited by Kaveh Akbar
and Paige Lewis
including a subscriber-only conversation with Sarabande Books Executive Director & Editor-in-Chief, Kristen Renee Miller + Rumpus Editor

NOVEMBER (subscribe by Oct. 15, books mailed in early Nov.):
Orders of Service by Willie Lee Kinard III
including a subscriber-only conversation with Alice James Books Editor and Rumpus Editor

DECEMBER (subscribe by Nov. 15, books mailed in early Dec.):
Auction by Quan Barry
including a subscriber-only conversation with University of Pittsburgh Press / Pitt Poetry Series Editor and Rumpus Editor. Note: this conversation will take place in early Jan. to avoid the winter holidays.

Additional indie publishers and books to be announced!



Q: Can I participate in your Poetry Book Club if I live outside the US?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer international book club subscriptions at this time.

Q: What’s the cut-off date to receive the upcoming month’s book and to participate in the discussion?

A: Please subscribe by midnight on the 15th of the month to receive the next month’s book and join in the conversation with its author and a Rumpus editor on our subscriber-only Crowdcast channel. Please note as soon as you sign up for a subscription, you’ll begin receiving author conversation invites. That means, you may receive an invite to join a conversation in the month before your 1st book. Feel free to attend if you wish!

Q: How do I receive and invite to the Book Club conversations with authors?

A: We will email you event links and pass codes at least a few weeks before every event and a reminder the week of. Conversations will take place on The Rumpus‘ Crowdcast channel. If you joined a book club but didn’t get an invitation, please send an email to [email protected]. Usually, new books are mailed the 1st week of the month and these exclusive author discussions take place the last week of every month.

Q: What if I can’t attend the Author-Editor conversation live?

A: You’re subscriber passcode will continue to work for 30 days after the event, so you’re welcome to catch the conversation later on or re-watch it again.

Q: I’m already a subscriber, how to I update my address, payment, or other information so my subscription isn’t interrupted?

A: You can create or log into your existing account on the Rumpus Store page and update as needed. If you’re address changed and you’re worried a recent book won’t arrive to your new place, please contact our Store Manager, Eric at [email protected].

Q: Are there refunds?

A: No. But you can cancel a monthly subscription at any time by creating or logging into your existing account on the Rumpus Store.

Q: What if my question wasn’t answered here or I’m a book publicist or publisher who would like to submit a book for consideration?

A: Please contact [email protected] with any additional questions about our book clubs. Note we’re generally deciding on upcoming Book Club picks at least 4 months in advance.

Previous 2023 selections included:
Judas Goat by Gabrielle Bates, Promises of Gold by José Olivarez, Synthetic Jungle by Michael Chang, Standing in the Forest of Being Alive by Katie Farris, West by Paisley Rekdal, I Do Everything I’m Told by Megan Fernandes, Diaspora Sonnets by Oliver de la Paz, I Done Clicked My Heels Three Times by Taylor Byas

NOTE: Due to consistently low participation numbers relative to the high cost and time to run, the prose Book Club ended in the summer of 2023. All prose and Combo Book Club subscribers were informed via email and will not be charged after May 15, 2023. Our Poetry Book Club has always been more popular and we hope to keep it going for as long as possible! Please join if you’d like to see it continue.