Book Clubs

We have two book clubs: Prose ($35/mo) and Poetry ($30/mo).

Every month you’ll get a book in the mail handpicked by The Rumpus staff. We search for titles that we are truly excited! While these are not usually the books that BIG publishers are putting a bunch of marketing funds behind, they are books we think Rumpus readers should know about and we hope you’ll enjoy.

These are brand new releases that our subscribers are (usually) receiving before they are widely available in stores. For example, a June Book Club selection would be a book that goes on sale either some time in June or July that year.

As a subscriber, you’ll be added to our Slack channel where you can discuss the book as you read it on your own time, and you’ll then be invited to an exclusive moderated online discussion with the book’s author that month.

Please subscribe by the 15th to receive following month’s book and join in the author chat. For example, to receive our March book, make sure to subscribe by February 15. Examples of previous book club picks are listed below.

Programs like our Book Club put you in direct communication with the literary community and help keep The Rumpus running. Thank you for your support and happy reading!

Prose Book Club

2022 Selections include:
January: The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections by Eva Jurczyk
February: Animal Bodies: On Death, Desire, & Other Difficulties by Suzanne Roberts
March: Singing Lessons for the Stylish Canary by Laura Stanfill
April: Linea Nigra by Jazmina Barerra
May: I Only Cry in Emoticons by Yuvi Zalkow
June: Night of the Living Rez by Morgan Talty (subscribe by May 15)
July: Wonderlands by Charles Baxter (subscribe by June 15)
additional titles to be announced!

Poetry Book Club

2022 Selections include:
January: Return Flight by Jennifer Huang
February: Desgraciado by Angel Dominguez
March: A Year & Other Poems by Jos Charles
April: Fixed Stars by Marisa Siegel
May: oh, you thought this was a date?! by C. Russell Price
June: Refuse to Disappear by Tara Betts (subscribe by May 15)
July: O by Zeina Hashem Beck (subscribe by June 15)
additional titles to be announced!

Love Both? Indecisive Libra?

Subscribe to both our poetry and prose book clubs for $50 a month.


Q: Can I participate in your book club if I live outside the US?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer international book club subscriptions at this time, but we hope to in the future.

Q: What’s the cut-off date to receive the upcoming month’s book and to participate in the discussion?

A: Please subscribe by the 15th of the month to receive following month’s book and join in the chat with its author.

Q: How do I find out about times for the Book Club chat with the author and stuff like that?

A: There are announcements through our subscriber-only Slack groups. If you joined a book club but didn’t get an invitation to the group, please send an email to [email protected]. It’s not mandatory to join these groups, but we do hope you’ll consider doing so and discussing the books with other members throughout the month.

Q: I’m already a subscriber, how to I update my address, payment, or other information so my subscription isn’t interrupted?

A: You can create or log into your existing account on the Rumpus Store page and update as needed. If you’re address changed and you’re worried a recent book won’t arrive to your new place, please contact our Store Manager, Wendy at [email protected].

Q: Are there refunds?

A: No. But you can cancel a monthly subscription at any time by creating or logging into your existing account on the Rumpus Store.

Q: What if my question wasn’t answered here or I’m a book publicist or publisher who would like to submit a book for consideration?

A: Please contact [email protected] with any additional questions about our book clubs. Note: as of April 20, 2022, we are looking for new releases that will be published in October 2022 and beyond.