The Rumpus Book Blog Roundup


It is spring, and the book blogs are horny! Will they be the type to lock themselves in a room with a suitcase full of porn? Or will they find someone who looks lonely and hit on them, not leaving the poor person alone until they agree to make out? 

Below the fold, find out what happens when the book blogs get sexy, plus The Rumpus in The New Yorker‘s Book Bench, how book blogs come in waves (No, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter), and Dave Eggers’ answer to the hopeless. 

Oscar Wilde’s love letters to Lord Alfred Douglas: “London is a desert without your dainty feet.” (via Elegant Variation)

Julie Kavanagh tells all about her affair with Martin Amis.

At Bookslut, Elizabeth Bachner writes about how The Ethical Slut was just the right kind of self-help book.

NPR features three great books of illicit love and passion (via Powell’s Books)

Over at Maud Newton, Ben Greenman worries about a stripper writing about him on her blog.

On The Book Beast, Richard Bernstein on “the erotic tension that links East and West.”

And finally, the book blogs measure the size of their junk. Sort of. (via BookNinja)

In other news, The Rumpus in the New Yorker‘s Book Bench, the different waves of book blogs (via BookNinja)  and Dave Eggers’ answer to the hopeless.

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