Giant Squid Takes Michigan


In a 10,000 square foot art space in Grand Rapids, a sixty-foot squid floats above an antique desk that is covered with nautical books, prints, a tape recorder, life preservers, shells and other relics that convey a love for the ocean.

The squid itself is a magnificent painting created in sections. The installation apparently has a sound element, which I can only imagine makes that whole cavernous space feel deeply submerged, like I might be down there with a real squid instead of the squid hanging up here on land with me. A girl can dream. Printmakers Todd Freeman and Meg Perec created the site-specific art installation “Sixty Foot Ghost” for ArtPrize 2009. It’s currently on display at 47 Commerce SW in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Check out the photo set at Laughing Squid (really) and on Flickr.

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