The Rumpus Sunday Book Blog Roundup


At HTMLGIANT, brilliant craft advice from a cartoon! “If you’re not popular, and you write a good poem, nobody gives a shit.”

The Guardian goes off on Martin Amis, complaining of “the continued endurance of a surprising tolerance for misogyny from vaunted men of letters who came of age as writers in an era when the loathing of women for being women – rather than for being crap writers, or unkind people, or whatever – was still legitimate.” Phew.

This is fascinating, so I’ll ignore where it was published: “Why I Bought a Bookstore” (via)

Keats died a slow, painful death because his doctor really sucked.

Historical fiction and shipwrecks at A Public Space.

And Europe’s hatred of freedom, once again, is helping them avert disaster. This time, they’re safe from the price wars. (via)

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