64 by 64


Resisting the year-end, best-of list, Jeff Hamada at BOOOOOOOM has collected 64 photos by 64 photographers all discovered, though not necessarily created, in 2009.

They are beautiful, strange, eerie, theatrical, funny, bizarre, sexy, and 57 other wonderful things. And if 64 isn’t enough, click on the artist name below each photo to see more.

Julie Greicius was Art Editor for The Rumpus when it launched in January 2009. One year later, she became Senior Literary Editor and is now Senior Features Editor. Julie also co-edited the first book published by The Rumpus, Rumpus Women, Vol. 1, featuring personal essays and illustration from twenty kick-ass contributors. Her writing been featured on The Rumpus, Midnight Breakfast, Stanford Medicine Magazine, and BuzzFeed, as well as in the anthology The 27th Mile. She lives in California. More from this author →