“Amusements of an Historical & Macabre Nature”


“Adele Griffin & Lisa Brown accept with Pleasure your very Kind & Gracious presence on our Site. Please enjoy the following Amusements of an Historical & Macabre nature. Refreshments will be served.”

There are book websites and then there are book websites. Lisa Brown and Adele Griffin’s site for their new young-adult-illustrated-Civil-War-ghost-story (yep), Picture the Dead, is the latter.

We bring this up because we live in a time when folks may be more likely to Google a book than read the back cover in a bookstore. Websites matter.

That point is not lost on Brown and Griffen, who update their site often with images and tales of “spirit photography, seances, civil war prison camps, 19th-century fashion, and necklaces made of human hair.”

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