NIKKO: Concrete Commando


It’s about found art, feverish curiosity, and relentless dedication.

Welcome to an epic Rumpus moment: Nikko is our first chapbook, and the first time an author has debuted his work online at the Rumpus, and then self-published! Delfin Vigil’s incredible true story includes gorgeous illustrations by our own Paul Madonna, and was designed by Andrew Nimmo, the drummer in Vigil’s band Amores Vigilantes (see below). To enjoy it best, you’ll want to read it in fullscreen mode, using the “zoom in” button.

Nikko is our longest post yet, but one that’s entirely worth the distance. It’s about found art, feverish curiosity, and relentless dedication. And it speaks to the profound chemistry between readers and writers, the humanity behind street art and graffiti, and the power of the written word, wherever it may be found.

And if you want more Nikko, come to Monday’s Monthly Rumpus event! Delfin Vigil and his band Amores Vigilantes will play a set including the song “Five Blocks with Ferlinghetti” based on a chapter from Nikko: Concrete Commando. We’ll have copies of the book for sale that night. It can also be purchased online at MagCloud.

It’s art like this that makes me so proud of the Rumpus. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Julie Greicius

Delfin Vigil was born on a dark and stormy San Francisco night in 1975. He wrote his first newspaper story in the sixth grade for Benicia Middle School's Viking Press. Since the age of 19, Delfin has worked for several Bay Area newspapers, most recently with the San Francisco Chronicle where he spent 10 years as a writer and editor. He is also the lead singer and songwriter for Three Ring Records recording artist Amores Vigilantes. Delfin lives in Petaluma with his wife and two children. More from this author →