Passport to Trespass


Photographer/rambler Mikael Kennedy shares photos from the seventh volume of his over-a-decade-long project, Passport to Trespass:

What can I say?

I am alone in between the places where my friends live. It’s how I’ve always traveled, picking a place where I know someone, and making my way there. There is rarely much of a plan beyond that.

Right now I am watching the packs of Polaroid film in my fridge slowly disappear. We are witnessing the end, every picture taken now not only documents a moment passing that will never exist again, but also a photographic medium that will never exist again. Our lives are changing.

With my newest book, Passport to Trespass Vol. VII: Hunt them Out, I started with 10 Packs of Polaroid TZ Artistic film, a rare last run batch of the film. I was traveling up and down the northern coasts of the US and I decided it was time to check in with everyone. I’ve been shooting Polaroids of some of these folks for over a decade now. I tried to find as many of them as I could before I ran out of this film. People have moved around. Fallen in and out of love. Some I didn’t see or speak to for years and then I showed up on their doorstep to find them with a wife and children. Some have died, and some are new to this story. Some I couldn’t find at all. It is really just all one long trip. These are the characters.



More of Mikael Kennedy’s work can be found on his website, and his often updated Polaroid blog, Passport to Trespass (we cannot recommend exploring Passport to Trespass enough). You can purchase his limited edition books based on his travels here.

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Mikael Kennedy is a photographer living and working in New York City. He is the author of the internationally acclaimed Polaroid travel blog: Passport to Trespass and his Polaroid work is represented by the Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art Gallery of New York City. Kennedy's Polaroids were recently the subject of a solo show at the historic Chelsea Hotel in New York City and were shown at the International Polaroid Symposium in Cardiff, Wales where he was invited as a guest lecturer. More from this author →