Announcing the Kickstarter campaign for the first Rumpus Movie, Happy Baby! We’re going to try to raise $85,000 so we can shoot our first movie, based on the novel Happy Baby, by Rumpus founding editor Stephen Elliott. It’s a little crazy as it’s both a lot of money to raise and very little money in terms of making a feature film. But crazy like what kind of fox?

We’re going to try to really involve all our investors in the movie making process, so our rewards are things like set visits, early screenings of the movie so you can give notes during the edit, plus the full length script.

The Rumpus is founded on the idea of creating and publishing art outside of traditional institutional barriers. That’s what this movie is all about, too. Trying to create something good, with artistic merit, for its own sake, without having to appeal to the business interests of the traditional gatekeepers.

And The Rumpus is about community, and this is a community based project.

So please, consider helping us out. Per Kickstarter rules we raise all the money or we don’t get any of it. It’s going to be a fun (anxious?) month here on The Rumpus seeing how this plays out.

Only vaguely related, here’s an outtake from our Kickstarter video: Who Runs The Rumpus?


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