Let’s Make A Movie!


What do porn stars, punk rock self-help gurus, musical legends, comedy, literature, yo-yos, and the movie Argo have in common?

The Rumpus, Zyzzyva, and Wolphin present, November 12, 6pm at The Makeout Room, 3225 22nd Street


The Kickstarter launch for Happy Baby, the first feature film from The Rumpus!


Music by Jill Sobule

Comedy by Caitlin Gill

Yo Yo mastery by Doc Pop (you heard right)

Readings by Bucky Sinister and Lorelei Lee

A brief talk by Josh Bearman about how his Wired magazine article became the movie Argo

And a screening of Mr. Gracie, a five minute movie based on Happy Baby

Hosted by Stephen Elliott

Happy Baby is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen Elliott, edited by Dave Eggers and originally published by McSweeney’s.

To purchase advance tickets just make a $20, or more, donation to the Happy Baby Kickstarter campaign.

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