The Better Bombshell


This week marks the launch of the anthology The Better Bombshell, a collaboration of writers and artists exploring female role models. Contributors include Rick Bass, Elizabeth Bass, Charlotte Austin, Dave Barry, Siolo Thompson, Paul Szynol, Raechel Running, Heather Fowler, Kate Prtage, Jason Thompson, and many others.

At Feministe, Angela Eloise Smalley describes the project as one that “explores how feminine role models and sex symbols of the past have given way to new and developing ideas about women and sex, sorting through the barrage of conflicting ways women are portrayed and perceived in today’s popular culture to identify positive, multidimensional female role models and gain new insights into the way modern female role models affect us all.”

If you’re in Seattle, join some of the writers and artists on February 14, 8-midnight, at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle.

Details on other launch events can be found here. Buy the book! Browse the website! Consider what the better bombshell might look for you?

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