Mystery in Golden Gate Park


Boo Radley of “To Kill a Mockingbird” apparently moved to San Francisco.

A few weeks ago, in SF’s beloved Golden Gate Park, a small wooden elf door appeared, covering a notch in a tree. The community responded positively, putting wishes, trinkets, and other little treasures (ala Boo for Scout).

The Richmond District neighborhood blog has an in-depth roundup of all the national (and international!!!) coverage.

Best momento put behind the door comes from future poet Viviana, asking “Is the tooth fairy real?”

Tony DeGenaro is an MFA candidate at the University of San Francisco. His poetry has been seen in Rusted Radishes, Quiz & Quill, and his chapbook, “Drink From the Ohio River,” was published at Otterbein University. He is an Ohio native and not afraid to show it. Tony is also a prolific blogger and twitter-er. More from this author →