Rumpus Song Premiere: Speck Mountain’s Badwater, Remixed by John Mörk


The Rumpus is excited to debut John Mörk’s remix of “Badwater,” the title track off Speck Mountain’s third full-length album, released earlier this year.

Mörk got a hold of “Badwater” and gave the dream-pop song a significant makeover, disco-style. Still, fans of the original track will be glad to find that Marie-Claire Balabanian’s evocative vocals remain the focal point around which Mörk’s dancier version is crafted.

Formerly of the house-music duo The Sound Republic, the Chicago producer has reinvented himself as simply “Mörk” and is etching out a place for himself in the deep house/indie dance/nu-disco community. Mörk throws a monthly indie dance/nu-disco party called that is proving to be a rallying point around the indie-dance sound in Chicago.

Put on your dancing shoes and have a listen!

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