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Phil Klay

War Narratives #6: The Rumpus Interview with Phil Klay


When you’re writing fiction, you can follow your own ignorance. You can write something and realize how flawed you are. ...more


Meet the Civilians

War Narratives #4: Meet the Civilians


Each character achieves independence in his own way, but independence winds up looking a lot like loneliness. ...more

Matt Gallagher

War Narratives #3: The Rumpus Interview with Matt Gallagher


Matt Gallagher on blogging during his time in the Army, his memoir Kaboom and forthcoming novel Youngblood, and what makes for good literary fiction about wartime. ...more



“Fobbit,” by David Abrams


“The real war is unlikely to be found in novels,” writes the late Paul Fussell, in his book Wartime: Understanding and Behavior in the Second World War. He argues that novels are unlikely purveyors of wartime truth because on one hand, novels are poor vehicles for harsh wartime truths, and on the other hand, because war is so unique, and so separate from the larger civilian society, there is no real way for books to convey the true combat experience.