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Joseph Cervelin: The Last Book I Loved, The Informers


Brett Easton Ellis offers social observations, morbid humor, and compounding degrees of separation and decadence. If his story cycle The Informers were a Choose Your Own Adventure book, here are some outcomes:

- You take your disenfranchised son to Hawaii, lust his girl, and cock-block him at dinner (your treat).



The Way I Am, by Eminem


Dutton Adult Books

Eminem’s memoir, The Way I Am, borrows its title from his 2000 single about the over-the-top trappings of fame, in which he vents: “I’m racin’, I’m pacin’, I stand and I sit/And I’m thankful for every fan that I get/But I can’t take a shit in the bathroom/Without someone standin’ by it.”