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The Rumpus Interview with J. Aaron Sanders


J. Aaron Sanders discusses his debut novel, Speakers of the Dead, his writing process, and the wisdom of sharing his early drafts with his students. ...more


Rumpus Sound Takes: Spectra in the Walls


The opening track on MV & EE’s recent LP, Space Homestead, is a lovely, spacy instrumental called “Heart Like Barbara Steele.” It’s like something your massage therapist would put on before dimming the lights and telling you to undress and lie face down, except it has a barely perceptible thread of deep, menacing bass that makes it feel as though it’s surrounded by danger, like its namesake. ...more

Rumpus Sound Takes: Woods in Amps, Amps in Woods


Amps for Christ / Woods
s/t (Shrimper)

The liner notes for the new split LP by Woods and Amps for Christ suggest that if you listen over and over you’ll detect a “subtle ESP” between the artists, and that’s true, but understated; the two sides cover so much of the same sonic terrain that it’s hard to tell where one artist ends and the other begins.