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Joe Owens: The Last Book I Loved, The Wilding


Benjamin Percy can probably kick my ass.  At least his prose gives me no reason to believe otherwise.

Equal parts grit, subtlety and a silver-tongued bravura, Percy’s style makes me kind of want to call him a prosaic assassin if only prosaic assassin didn’t sound like a new flavor of Cheetos.  But there is a lot more to The Wilding than sheer alpha-male badassery, a lot more.



Joseph Michael Owens: The Last Book I Loved, The Instructions


I flew to Chicago for a single night in October, just to hear Adam Levin read from the last book I truly loved, The Rumpus’ own Book Club pick, The Instructions.

At the time of Levin’s Chicago reading, I was nearly 900 pages into The Instructions (out of the novel’s 1,030 total), which made me fairly confident I wouldn’t hear any spoilers.  Though, to be honest, at only 50 pages in, I could already tell that I was experiencing something special.