Search Sweet Country

Search Sweet Country by Kojo Laing


Search Sweet Country opens with the town fool Beni Baidoo sitting in the bush near the beach listening to the “language of the sea” that “spoke in shells that he could understand.” A seemingly minor character who appears only sporadically in lengthy chapters dedicated mainly to the plots of others, Beni Baidoo is “a sprightly old man,” twice retired, most recently from his position as letter writer in Post Office Square of Accra where he had the habit of “adding his own facts to the complaints of illiterate customers.” He is a fabricator, an elaborator, a writer whose imagination cannot be constrained, one he adds his own flare to the orated narratives passed on by more traditional Ghanaian citizens so that “often a story about a stolen piece of land ended up with a stolen wife added.” In this manner, while Beni Baidoo is only a minor character, he serves as the metafictional mouthpiece for the novel.