Rumpus Reprint

Sunset Bowl

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Twenty-Three Pieces of the Sunset Bowl


[A]ll over town, pits in the ground stayed pits in the ground. Those cavities were my consolation. For the moment, we were all in the hole. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Corinne Goria


Author and veteran Voice of Witness editor Peter Orner sits down with Invisible Hands: Voices From the Global Economy editor Corinne Goria to talk about putting the book together, economic interdependency, and the complex human stories behind everyday items. ...more


The Saddest Story I’ve Ever Read


"She began to nod. She was holding onto a carton of milk. It would spill. Like diarrhea-in-the-bed all over again. Another mess. The daughter tried to take the carton of milk away. She… held on defiantly." - From I Want To Live by Thom Jones ...more