When Faggots Shoot


It takes two years before Bob shows his gun collection to me. The guns are in the corner closet of a room I’ve slept in over thirty times. He opens the slatted door with a key, and one by one, he pulls out latched wooden boxes, heavy velvet bags, and cardboard boxes of bullets


Here Comes the Girl


I didn’t analyze production levels or consider marketing strategies. I didn’t say to myself, “Tonight you’re going to get with the jack-off program.” I was a dime-a-dozen girl doing a customer service job, and that job demanded more and more of me whether I liked it or not. ...more

Jane Fondas I Have Known


However I came to possess the magazine, I looked at it often, if with a smoldering shame. Unlike what I could find on television, the pictures were clear and shiny, and seeing women in bikinis showed me parts of the female body I had never seen before—the dimpled lower back, the tendon in the crook between inner thigh and crotch. ...more



I developed my first and only porn star crush on Princess Donna. I watched her videos and read her blog and imagined that one day we would meet and she would publicly disgrace me like she publicly disgraced models. ...more