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Faith, Gods, and Gay Sex: A Conversation with Matthew Gallaway


Matthew Gallaway discusses his second novel, #gods, moving from a big publishing house to an indie press, and why it was important to him to depict gay sex in writing. ...more

Reading Between the Lines


Life, the book. The long gay book. / Do you remember? Should you remember? / What are our stories about?

In an essay for Lit Hub, Matthew Cheney narrates growing up during the AIDS crisis, and the intertwined relationships between his identity, the plays he clung to, the books he coveted, and the ghostly presences of the dead and all that was left unsaid in their wake.


The Rumpus Interview with Jamie Brickhouse


Jamie Brickhouse discusses Dangerous When Wet: A Memoir of Booze, Sex, and My Mother, a memoir that chronicles his intimate, near-fatal journey through alcoholism, and living HIV positive. ...more