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Charms Against Lightning by James Arthur

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The debut collection of poetry might just deserve its own taxon in the categorizing of literary contributions. One can almost picture beneath the heading of ‘Debuts’ a series of subheadings such as ‘Showed Great Promise Only at First,’ ‘Terrible Poetry for How Great the Poet Became,’ ‘Only Collection Published During Lifetime,’ ‘Strong Start to a Strong Career,’ ‘Published Debut Only to Be Murdered for Political Reasons,’ and maybe even ‘Sophomore Effort Non-Existent.’ (With the proliferation of ultra-small presses adept enough at registering for ISBN numbers, contributions to this last category seem to grow smaller every year, no matter the quality of the poet’s debut.) Every poet read today, save for the handful of posthumous resurrections and those who predated the secular publishing industry as we know it (c.1450CE), had to suffer through the publication of their debut collection.