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St. Vincent & Annie Clark

Sound & Vision #13: Daniel Mintseris


Keyboardist and programmer Daniel Mintseris discusses his work with St. Vincent and Annie Clark, coming to the US from Lithuania at nineteen, and the difference between traditional composition and writing music on instinct using cutting-edge technology. ...more


Sound & Vision #12: Shannon Conley


Hard-rocking artist Shannon Conley talks to Allyson McCabe about the exceptional more-than-a-tribute band Lez Zeppelin, her unconventional upbringing by Hindu Baptists, and her role as Yitzhak in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Tomi Ungerer


Writer and illustrator Tomi Ungerer discusses his exile in Ireland, being a target of censorship, and his work's recent resurgence of popularity in the US. ...more


Sound & Vision #10: Scott Crawford


Director and punk rock enthusiast Scott Crawford talks with Allyson McCabe about his film Salad Days, his punk fanzine Metrozine, Kickstarter, and DIY music culture. ...more


Sound & Vision #8: David Barnes


In Sound & Vision #8, multimedia artist and performer David Barnes discusses his work with the band of Montreal, art as a career, and writing a graphic novel about a baby growing inside a pregnant male football player. ...more

Whistling in the Dark


Every generation has its reservations about popular music—all the same, the last few market-driven decades have undoubtedly left their own, new, unique mark on its most contemporary manifestations. Still, there are radio programs out there dedicated to music as such.

This Thursday, our very own Allyson McCabe will be joining radio host Binnie Klein on WPKN 89.5FM in Bridgeport to “spin some favorite covers, rarities, outtakes, and demos, and of course, to tell stories.”

If you live outside the Connecticut area, tune in here.