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The Storming Bohemian Punks the Muse #25: Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been, a Success?


In America, everybody, it seems, wants to be a success. Me, too.

Recently, I confided to a family member that sometimes, in moments of deep despair (fortunately they are fairly uncommon), I find myself contemplating suicide as the most sensible retirement plan.


The Rumpus Interview with Roxane Gay


Roxane Gay discusses her new collection, Difficult Women, the problem with whiteness as the default and the need for diverse representation, and life as a workaholic. ...more

David Biespiel’s Poetry Wire: The Pale of Vermont


But to become a writer I needed at least to learn about my own superstitions. I needed space in the house to sketch with words. I needed to commit heresies. And those acts had to feel pleasurable. ...more
Angela Flournoy

The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Angela Flournoy


My ambition is personal. I don’t think I need to succeed so that the race can succeed. ...more