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It’s Only a Matter of Time: A Conversation with Jack Driscoll


Jack Driscoll discusses The Goat Fish and the Lover’s Knot, "the impermanence of everything," and how he chooses his characters' names. ...more

The Lonely Voice #32: The Last Lonely Voice


That’s what the Lonely Voice has always been to me. It was a privilege to be allowed to have a private conversation with myself in public. ...more

Pulling the Strings of Coincidence


Coincidence often gives fiction its chance to mean something.

Over at Lit Hub, in an excerpt from her new book The Kite and the String, Alice Mattison walks us through brilliantly executed coincidences in E.M. Forster’s Howard’s End, Flannery O’Connor’s story “A Good Man Is Hard To Find,” and Andre Dubus’s story “The Winter Father.” She argues for action and resonance, an alignment of a character’s inner life with outside eventfulness.