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Can We Even Trust Ourselves?: A Conversation with Jac Jemc


Jac Jemc discusses The Grip of It, revision, and returning to the theme of trustworthiness again and again. ...more

Facing the Unknowable


For So to Speak, Madeleine Wattenberg interviews writer Anne Valente. In discussing Valente’s latest book, Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down, they touch on magical realism, using multiple points of view to tell a story, and how literature can engage with contemporary issues:

Fiction requires empathy, and also vulnerability and being comfortable with the unknown.

An Elegy for Mathematics

“An Elegy for Mathematics,” by Anne Valente

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An Elegy for Mathematics, Anne Valente’s first full-length release, is a wonderful little book. Checking in at fewer than fifty pages, it’s a quick but deeply layered and poignant collection of material, most of which was previously published online. (She has a forthcoming story collection coming out from Dzanc Books.)

The collection is comprised of thirteen stories, mostly only a few pages in length.