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Circle 250

The Circle Is Watching


In a world where boundaries between private and public are already blurring, Tim and Nicolaas wanted to find out what would happen if those boundaries disappeared altogether. ...more

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The Rumpus Interview with Jenny Lawson


Jenny Lawson talks about her second memoir, Furiously Happy, mental illness, and growing up in small-town Texas. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Essay: On Madness and Mad Men


In my eight years as a Mad Men fan, the series has repeatedly prompted me to reflect on parenting. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Deborah Reed


Author Deborah Reed discusses her latest novel, Olivay, the necessity of fire, Los Angeles anxiety, and how she found fulfillment at the edge of the American West. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Thunder, Thighs


Over one third of the women in my survey had been called “Thunder Thighs” at some point in their life. Many were still haunted by this. None of them interpreted “thunder” to mean “power. ...more

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The Sunday Rumpus Interview: Jonathan Travelstead


I try to...consider the writing process as seriously as I do entering a house with black smoke puffing from its eaves. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Megan Kruse


Author Megan Kruse talks about her debut novel, Call Me Home, queer characters in rural places, sibling relationships, and how the music of Lucinda Williams inspires her. ...more


Swinging Modern Sounds #61: Songs for the Alliterative at Heart


Michael Hearst has come a long way from the guy who played plastic wind instruments on Seventh Avenue, to an admirably creative and original adulthood. ...more

Party of One


Social media is a cruel machine, propelled by our desire to keep up appearances and affirmed by a strange, voyeuristic capital of likes and favorites. While Facebook can at times feel like a digital cocktail party devoid of any significant personal connection, Julia Fierro, author of Cutting Teeth, makes a case for its value to those who struggle with anxiety and loneliness:

It is socializing on my own terms.


Coping with Anxiety


Editor of The Atlantic, Scott Stossel, suffers from anxiety, and he’s hardly alone. In an essay called “Surviving Anxiety,” Stossel chronicles his lifetime battle with the nation’s most common mental illness, describing himself from the age of two on as “a twitchy bundle of phobias, fears, and neuroses.”

After failed attempts to use therapy, drugs, and booze to manage his condition, Stossel describes his essay as a “coming out” story, and writes in hopes of providing others with evidence that they too can “cope and even thrive” in spite of the illness.


What You Think is Sad: Gabriele Basilico and San Francisco Noir


She always knew it would come to this. A screaming horde of bucknaked smutcrazed rapists banging on her glass ticket kiosk. She crossed herself and with a single prayer commended her soul to the Lord’s Everafter and consigned her flesh to the Devil’s own Here and Now.