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In Between the In-Between: Talking with Jenny Zhang


Jenny Zhang discusses her story collection Sour Heart, trying to escape the past, collective versus individual responsibility for trauma, and love as imprisonment. ...more

The Rumpus Review of Seoul Searching


Seeing is a critical part of normalizing, and though it seems like a rudimentary expectation, it’s important for American audiences to see Korean-Americans simply living their lives. ...more

R.I.P. #6: Odd Habits


I would really like to see a coming back or recreation of funeral rites. Let’s create new ones. Let’s take this matter into our own hands. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Jennifer Baker


The more variation we see in life, the more it becomes less about seeing one type of book by marginalized people. ...more

On Realizing You’re Not White


The paint was several layers thick, each new message or drawing layered on a chaotic background of the preceding scrawl….“It’s the chink hate wall,” he said. Kevin did not consider my Chinese ethnicity when he said this.

For Maisonneuve, Kimberley Fu writes about moving from the sanctuary of a color-blind high school where “our quarterback was Iranian one year, white the next, Japanese the year after that,” to the real world and its unexpected barrage of stereotypes and anti-Asian suspicion.