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There Is Simply No Time for This: Whose Streets? and Civil Rights Cinema


It is unlikely I will see the US justice system evolve toward an egalitarian ideal in my lifetime. But Whose Streets? does offer a clearly visible North Star. ...more

Luke Cage: When Representation Isn’t Enough


This show’s true strength is its diverse portrayal of African-American subjectivity and morality, amongst both the male and female characters. ...more

#OscarsSoWhite: Calling Out Academy Bias


Instead of influencing our movie-going habits, The Academy can take its cues from us. We can continue to speak up through social media and—more importantly—our dollars. ...more

Getting It Right


People have been writing about civil rights for years, but it’s taken Hollywood until now to warm up to the subject (of course, not enough). Bill Morris traces the history of the movement’s cinematic representations leading up to Ava DuVernay’s recent triumph:

Movies about the civil rights movement — the successful ones– have tended to follow one of two strategies.