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The Butt Song


Last night as my husband got ready to go out [my daughter] grabbed his coat and said, “Call 1-900-Mix-A-Lot and kick those nasty thoughts.” ...more

The Sunday Rumpus Essay: Victim Story, a Mix CD


All the cruelty of the past seasons washed away with the new layer of snow. I thought your streak was over. I thought we could be friends. ...more

Wanted/Needed/Loved: Ian Svenonius’s “Principles of Modernism”


[T]he most essential thing is actually a kind of worldview, a mindset—or maybe it’s an ideology. ...more

Swinging Modern Sounds #65: Tragedy Plus Time


Jesse Malin is a lifer in a business that rarely features lifers anymore. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Tyler Gartzman


Rapper Tyler Gartzman talks about getting high, hypothetically making out with George Bush, not getting laid since high school, and how a white, Jewish kid in Atlanta became a talented hip-hop wordsmith. ...more

The Eyeball, a New Blog by Ryan Boudinot


The Cleavers, on fireActs of Nostalgia

My old friend Nate sent me this picture yesterday, taken some 17 years ago. That’s me in the middle, playing drums, wearing a pith helmet onto which is adhered a lit candle. The guy playing bass to the left is today one of the chief economists at the Federal Reserve, formerly an advisor on global economics to Alan Greenspan.