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The Rumpus Interview with Eileen Myles


Eileen Myles on recording her new poetry record Aloha/irish trees, the relationship between poetry and comedy, and finding safety in social media. ...more

David Biespiel’s Poetry Wire: Old Friends Or Lovers


I was becoming awed by the wide horizon of the speech that arose out of an individual life lived in a single era and generation. I was becoming attracted to the writer’s creativity. ...more

Resurrecting a Monster


Forty-one years after his death, JRR Tolkien’s translation of Beowulf has been published by his son Christopher. Tolkien translated Beowulf early in his career, yet never published it. In the New Yorker, Joan Acocella speculates on the reason:

Another possible explanation for Tolkien’s putting “Beowulf” aside—a theory that has been advanced in the case of many unpublished manuscripts—is that the work was so important to him that if he finished it his life, or the life of his mind, would be over.