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The Rumpus Interview with Emily Barton


Emily Barton discusses dieselpunk, genderqueer magic, and the collaboration between reader and writer in her latest novel, The Book of Esther. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Chanan Tigay


Author Chanan Tigay discusses the complicated man at the heart of The Lost Book of Moses, the anxieties of writing true stories, how much to withhold from your reader—and tells a few jokes about creative nonfiction. ...more

Joshua Cohen by Beowulf Sheehan

The Rumpus Interview with Joshua Cohen


Novelist Joshua Cohen gives an interview, digital, about his new novel, paper, but also digital, about the Internet, digital, subsuming the novel, even his novel, best on paper, Book of Numbers. ...more


Nick Cave Monday #42: “We Call Upon the Author”


Many songs by Nick have a way of throwing you down for a good tickling and then, when everything is happy times, he’ll lyrically smack you upside the head. Pay attention, he’s going deeper than that.

He’ll sing you a lullaby before dropping you to the floor and sticking his boot on your throat.


Whale: 1685, Kitten: 1


Ever thought, “I know Herman Melville was talking about a whale but how much, really, did he talk about a whale?”

This cool page will answer your question with its graphical representation of word distribution throughout Moby Dick. The creator Adam Pearce was inspired by an infographic of frequently used words on the show The Wire and styled his project after Stanford’s Bibly, which does the same and more for the King James Version of the Bible.