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Disease Cloaked in Ambition: Gorilla and the Bird by Zack McDermott

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Gorilla and the Bird is an important resource for anyone impacted by the scope of bipolar disorder, as well as those who want to learn more about it. ...more

The Story We Have Yet to Tell: Talking with Haroon Moghul


Haroon Moghul discusses How to Be a Muslim: An American Story, his own religious journey, and the blessings that come with being an outsider. ...more

The Rumpus Mini Interview #106: Louise Marburg


The stories [in THE TRUTH ABOUT ME], like Marburg herself, are insightful, witty, to the point, and told with her wonderfully dry sense of humor. ...more

Reclaiming the Identity of the Witch: A Conversation with Katy Horan


Katy Horan discusses Literary Witches, which she illustrated and worked on in collaboration with writer Taisia Kitaiskaia, out tomorrow from Seal Press. ...more

Written in Chalk: What It Means to Be Crazy


As truth becomes more elusive, as fact blends with fiction, we ought to take notice of how we categorize people, as categorization seems to be married to suppression, to disenfranchisement. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: No Wound


Maybe I can touch it and show it to you. If I convince you, we can call it real. And then perhaps it will be. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Heirlooms


The strings of our DNA mark us as one, but it’s the roots of our memories that bind us. ...more

Are We All Our Own Vanishing


We will never be an exclamation point, an ellipses, a question mark. We must all leave with this: a period—solid, and utterly irrefutable. ...more



The tragedy of a mentally ill mind or a richly realized fantasy is that its world exists only for its inventor. It is the loneliest party, the most isolating game. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Susanne Paola Antonetta


Poet and memoirist Susanne Paola Antonetta discusses literary bias, feminism, and the origin of her nom de plume. ...more

Weekend Rumpus Roundup


In “Hunting For The Little Prince,” Sigal Samuel invites us to tag along as she pursues the real-life inspiration for the blonde-haired protagonist of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s famous children’s book. No spoilers, but this particular missing person search ends happily.