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The Sunday Rumpus Interview: Idra Novey


Swati Khurana talks with novelist and translator Idra Novey about the challenges and joys of translation, the idiosyncrasies of language, the inextricable reception of women's writing and women's bodies, and much more. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Ijeoma Oluo


Ijeoma Oluo discusses feminism, coloring, badass women, and being a troller of trolls. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Elisa Albert


Elisa Albert discusses her new novel, After Birth, postpartum depression, childbearing, and the misogyny of modern medicine in pathologizing the normal processes of birth and the female body. ...more


Bionic Man


My father’s penis is a great hairy walrus. I am three and my parents have decided that it’s high time I take a shower—no more of those coddling baths.


“My Shazam Boobs”


“I celebrated my tits with him, with all of these people. Hot bras, clingy T-shirts, sexy lingerie shopping forays. Must I abandon celebrating my tits in order to avoid mourning their loss? To find partners who won’t?”

Take a look at Rumpus contributor Anna March’s vulnerable and humorous piece on the plight of her breasts at Salon.


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My Body, My Machine


I run so I can inhabit my own body. I run so that in moments like these, when my lack of power in this world becomes more violently apparent, I can feel the strength of my own body, enough to ignore provocations, enough to know alone that I could destroy both of those men if I wanted. ...more