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David Biespiel’s Poetry Wire: The Suit


It was as if he understood that the authentic must begin in the voice. And through the texture of the voice—its moral and psychological claims—sensory details emerge with absolute authority. ...more

Brendan Jones.Credit James Poulson

The Rumpus Interview with Brendan Jones


Brendan Jones talks about his debut novel, The Alaskan Laundry, living in Alaska, his time as a Wallace Stegner Fellow, and living and loving what you write. ...more


David Biespiel’s Poetry Wire: Not That Town


Times like those lead you to believe that writing is, before it’s anything else, about simply getting it straight. ...more


The Honesty of Aggression


The continual references to my sex are striking. On the one hand, they stand in stark contrast to the identity-digging that I am attempting. On the other, they resonate: trying on aggression for size is foreign territory. ...more