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Finding Freedom


We never want something more than when it has been taken away from us. The opposite of freedom is confinement. ...more

I, Me, We, and the GOP


It’s not coincidental, I think, that most of the secular and sacred saints we venerate now went charging against the grain of the Municipal We. ...more

On Homosexuality and Wrestling with a Faith that Doesn’t Want You


In Chelsea Station magazine, Brian Bouldrey writes about editing Wrestling with the Angel: Faith and Religion in the Lives of Gay Men, and about how he’s still wrestling with faith and homosexuality:

I realized that there were these others, these priests and clergy I always regarded as opponents, but they were on my side, and we were all wrestling with a narrative that didn’t work, a meaninglessness, a loss of sense—in fact, the germ of the book was my own surprise, at the death of my great lovely partner Jeff, when I rushed to the church to find something to salvage from that bonfire.