On Homosexuality and Wrestling with a Faith that Doesn’t Want You


In Chelsea Station magazine, Brian Bouldrey writes about editing Wrestling with the Angel: Faith and Religion in the Lives of Gay Men, and about how he’s still wrestling with faith and homosexuality:

I realized that there were these others, these priests and clergy I always regarded as opponents, but they were on my side, and we were all wrestling with a narrative that didn’t work, a meaninglessness, a loss of sense—in fact, the germ of the book was my own surprise, at the death of my great lovely partner Jeff, when I rushed to the church to find something to salvage from that bonfire. I rushed into the church that didn’t want me, and I was determined to make them see how little sense, like death itself, that dismissal of me was. That, of course, is the wrestling part. And I wrestle to this day, each day, as if the fight has just begun.

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