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GOT feature

Winning the Game of Thrones Like a Girl


The days of testosterone-fueled warmongering are long past. Instead, at the end of Season 6, the queens reign, stronger than ever. ...more

Good Work from the Museum of Bad Art


Travel blog Atlas Obscura has a post up on Slate about Massachusetts’s Museum of Bad Art, whose collection of paintings “displays a glaring gap between the artist’s sincerity and skill level.”

It may seem cruel at first, but founders Scott Wilson and Jerry Reilly explain that “[t]heir goal, and the goal of the museum to this day, was to celebrate artists’ enthusiasm and honor failure as an essential part of the creative process.”

We fail to see what could possibly be bad about a painting titled Ferret in a Brothel.


Weekend Rumpus Roundup


If you haven’t already, take a little gander at our posts from this weekend!

“How’s your day been?” and other things women have said to Calenture in Australian brothels. Like “Do you mind if I drink from your glass?” and “Don’t get it in my hair or I’ll kill you.”

Steven Church delves into that peculiar way people in California both desire and dread earthquakes.