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The Storming Bohemian Punks the Muse #4: Keep the Change


This week, your Storming Bohemian has moved to a new house. Again. And so some reflections:

There is much to be said for stability, I know. The steady quiet observation of the likes of Annie Dillard or Henry Thoreau evokes my admiration.


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(K)ink #9: Writing While Deviant: Jera Brown


I wanted to uncover the nest of wires comprising my gender identity and describe its complicated mass. ...more

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On Playing Games, Productivity, and Right Livelihood


One week last spring I said it out loud for the first time: “Sometimes I play so long, my fingers go numb.” ...more

The Self as a Cultural Artifact


[Memoir] comes alive at the fissures of its coherency: when a narrator is struggling to hold the self together in a text—for the reader’s sake if not also her own.

Scott F. Parker met up with Maggie Nelson at AWP to talk about her writing, her sudden popularity, memoir (or life writing), autotheory, and Buddhism for The Believer’s interview series, Stories of Self—complete with illustrations by Nelson’s partner, Harry Dodge.


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Ursa Major


Last month a bear ripped into my tent, clenched his teeth onto my upper left arm, just below my shoulder, and would not let go. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Yumi Sakugawa


Yumi Sakugawa discusses her latest book, Ikebana, discovering meditation, exploring blank spaces, and drawing a world of sentient oranges and one-eyed monsters. ...more